Sign Cleaning Service

Being a sign in the great outdoors can be a tough existence! Exposed to traffic and the elements they can get covered in dirt spray from the roads, exhaust residue, moss and algae, often obscuring vital rules of the highway such as speed limits, or directions to departments or car parks. For sites or organisations with a large signage portfolio we can attend your site at regular or fixed intervals for example every 3, 6 or 12 months and return your signs to a TipTop condition, whether that is using a good old bucket of water and sponge, solvent cleaners or a good old jet-wash.

Dirt is not the only problem though. External signs seem to have become a free advertising hoarding for all and sundry. We see it everywhere “cash for cars”, “we’ll take your rubbish away”, “come to our event”, stickers stuck to signs or placards cable-tied to posts. Most of these don’t have permission to be displayed in the first place so should be removed for that reason alone, and most remain in place for months or years. They may be positioned so as not to obscure the message the sign is communicating, but they can certainly cause a distraction which can be dangerous, not to mention how unsightly they are. It is in effect a form of graffiti.

Signs can also get obscured over time by trees and shrubs and we are happy to do a bit of pruning to make them visible again.

This service is primarily aimed at organisations that have a large amount of external signage displayed on their estate, for example hospitals, business parks and university campuses. Local councils, we offer our service to you also but we know many of you don’t have the budget for sign cleaning, and there maybe issues with highway closures for example, but let’s be honest some public highway signage is in a dreadful condition with speed limits for example barely visible on occasion.

If you would like to find out more about our sign cleaning service please get in touch.

Signage Maintenance Service

Many signs live a long and treacherous existence and overtime can appear battle-scarred, weathered, incomplete, irrelevant or completely out of date. A signage audit will help to identify any signs that could do with a bit of TLC or replacement to keep them in TipTop condition. Dirty, torn, faded signs not only give a bad impression, they can fail to deliver the important message which is the whole purpose of their presence. Failure to communicate safety messages effectively can lead to accidents and injury, which in turn can lead to considerable expense and legal action. Our signage maintenance service will address these problems for you.

If the signs just need a quick clean to make the message legible, we can do this when we visit your site. If the signs have faded to the extent they are no longer legible or have lost their colour (particularly common in red pigment signs exposed to direct sunlight) we will replace them. In many cases, the quickest and cheapest fix can be to simply apply a self-adhesive sign onto the existing plastic or metal sign.

If a sign is beyond saving as it is cracked, bent, snapped or got bits missing we will replace it with a new one. If a sign has been vandalised or graffiti’d where the cost of bringing it back to life is more than the cost of installing a new sign, we’ll install a new sign.

Signs that are hanging on by a thread or a single screw perhaps, should be remedied immediately. Apart from signs being hard to read when they are upside down they are dangerous. One small gust of wind or vibration could be all it takes to dislodge that loose sign completely and sending it flying through the air or crashing to the ground. Not only is this a potential injury hazard, you will need to buy a new sign.

Prevent problems and keep your signage looking TipTop with regular inspection and maintenance.