Signage Installation Service

Signage Installation Service Image

If your organisation has a large quantity of safety signs it needs putting in place either on a regular, adhoc or one-off basis, and you don’t have the time, equipment or staff to address internally, please get in touch to discuss your requirements. Whether you need safety signage for an entire school, campus, hospital, hotel, office or accommodation block, or just the odd corridor from time-to-time we can help.

We are happy to work independently or as an extension of your in-house estates department. We will use appropriate signage and installation techniques suitable for the environment they are going into, for example we won’t be gluing an A2 sign to 200 year old wall paper or screwing signs to antique doors!

Very often, a part of the installation process involves the removal of previous signage. For stickers or signs that have been glued in place we take great care to minimise the damage caused by removal leaving as much paint and plaster still attached to the wall as possible, by using appropriate tools and solvents.

When we leave your site we want to leave it as we found it, in TipTop condition with a shiny new sign being the only evidence that we have been there!

Covid-19 has pretty much put our signage installation service on hold for the time-being. Not only do we have lockdowns, shielding and non-essential travel to deal with, we have many schools, colleges, estates departments and hospitality businesses closed or running at a fraction of normal capacity, whilst our hospitals are busy performing heroics. However we remain open to discuss any upcoming requirements you may have.