Prestige Signs

Although individually the cheapest way of getting messages across, a standard sticker or plastic sign isn’t always the best option. Prestige acrylic or metal signs not only portray quality they can be harder wearing in high traffic areas. In schools and public places for example, little fingers may be tempted to pick away at the corners of self-adhesive signs leaving them looking tatty and perhaps a vital part of the message missing. Similarly, plastic signs within reach of fingers or passing back-packs for example can be prone to damage or accidental removal. So, although cheaper than prestige signs, you could find yourself replacing them more often.

Prestige signs that are screwed into position, not only look good and last longer, they have a distinct benefit at times where re-decoration is required as they can simply be removed temporarily. We see it so often where the decorator has attempted to paint around a sign, and painted over some of the sign itself, leaving it looking dreadful. Worse still, peeling a sign off the wall that has been stuck in place for some time, if not done carefully (as we would do!), can remove the paint it was stuck to and sometimes the plaster as well leaving a major filler repair to be carried out.